07 January 2010


Oh yeah, we get snow in England as well ;) Nothing special to us, but you can hear all the time it's unusual here. The schools are closed when it's snowing, the postman forgets about us for few days, many places are simply cosed. Because of this 5 cm snow. It's the second time this winter we got some snow, so we are enjoying it as much as we can! We even made a snowman.  Well, you can not tell from the picture that this snowman is 20 cm high, can you? :) It counts as a normal hight snowman, I think.
In few days I'm gonna enjoy real winter, I'm going abroad for few days. I only hope our winter clothes are enough for -20 degrees weather ;) I'll be still posting though :)
Happy Thursday!


  1. Cudowny ten bałwanek!!!! Aż mam ochotę takiego sobie zrobić :)

  2. hehe wogóle nie widać, ze to miniaturka bałwanka :)

  3. Fantastic blog with amazing photos! Wow stunning!


  4. U nas tez szkoły pozamykane i ogólny kryzys, a śniegu 4 cm, tylko.
    Zasypało, ale skoro bałwan stoi to chyba jednak zima przyszła na wyspe.. :)

  5. U nas też zasypało i w nocy do minus 15 dochodzi strasznie zimno wszędzie Soli brak w każdym sklepie ogólnie paraliż całej Irlandii:)

    Zdjęcia jak zawsze pierwsza klasa