01 January 2010


It's 2010!! Happy New Year to You ALLLLLL!!! :D
Gosh time passes so fast! Our daughter is 2,5 and I am so ready to be fully active again.
Last year was full of changes, we've moved twice.
This year is gonna be succesfull, isn't it? Well, I am the one who is always believing, motivating, chasing the goals, making it happen. This year was a prove to that. I've done so many things which seemed to be crazy to people, but after some time, it turned out all well, the way I wanted it to be. All of us make important decisions, and we need to be responsible for all of them.
I wonder if you've made some important, new year's deccisions?
I have.
I'm going to be amazing photographer!
I'm gonna shoot many amazing sessions.
I'm gonna be better mother and wife.
I'me gonna keep fit and eat more organics.
I need to meet lots of interesting people this year! Make fantastic friends and spend fabulous time :)

All right, time for the rest of Ann's session.
Here you can see a slideshow of that session.

love this one

and this one

and this, this!

and this ...


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  1. Hola Katherine, feliz Año Nuevo para ti!! Felicitaciones por tus fotos!
    Saludos desde Argentina, Joe