30 September 2009

Grays Park

Couldn't resist ;) Another portion of Agata, my little one :)

29 September 2009

Agata's third autumn

Today we've got a family day. The weather is amazing, we took a walk to the park to experience the first signs of fall.. We enjoyed our afternoon a lot, and Agata had soooo much fun! Take a look! :)

25 September 2009

Baby session

have had a baby session last week. It was a hard session because of light, late, dark, inside.
 Here I've got a few pics from this session, the rest will be coming soon.
Let me know what you think! Cheers ! :)

20 September 2009

Iwona & Jarek session

I have finished today editing the session of this lovely couple.
Here is my work, please let me know whether you like it :)
Next week I'll show the baby session, which I found quite hard, as there was cloudy day and I shoot inside. But the baby has made everyting up ;)
Now, Iwona & Jarek. You can see all pictures in the slideshow right here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/41011622@N07/sets/72157622294299223/show/, here you can see some of them.

Headline and Logo - Martencja Photography

As you can see, I've got new headline and logo! I am so happy! I wanted to thank a great Photographer and Designer, Martencja, for creating it for me. The blog looks so much better with it, Thank You Marta!
Make sure you check out her blog, take a look at her beautiful pictures and amazing artwork :)
Martencja Photography.

14 September 2009

All photos from Patricia's B-Day

Uhhhh I am soooo late with editing. Agata takes all my time ;)
The session of Iwona & Jarek will be ready this week, for now I've got a link for slideshow of Patricia B-Day on Flickr. This is it, and please, give me a sign what you think :)


10 September 2009

Iwona & Jarek

Chafford Gorges Nature Park, Iwona, Jarek, Gracjan and I. Sorry, and the ducks ;) Just beautiful. So close to my home, and I had no idea it's there. Iwona and Jarek have chosen this place for the scenery of their pictures. They would have great pictures anywhere, beautiful people always look goooood. Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure. I was soo happy after the session, here are the first pics. The rest'll be coming following week. Tell me what you think of them!
Happy Thursday!

08 September 2009

-Patricia- B-Day

This weekend I captured moments of Patricia's b-day party. Patricia is 2 now, and she's become a new friend to my girl, which is 2 as well. This two girls just enjoy getting to know each other, as having friends is soo new to them, but is nice to look at, growing up...
Particia's b-day were just great, kids had sooo much fun, I couldn't get Agata out of there in the end. Thanks to Sylwia, for this evening, it was a pleasure to be there this afternoon. Now, look at Patricia :) She's just a sweety.

Patricia's friend, cute Alice.

06 September 2009