10 September 2009

Iwona & Jarek

Chafford Gorges Nature Park, Iwona, Jarek, Gracjan and I. Sorry, and the ducks ;) Just beautiful. So close to my home, and I had no idea it's there. Iwona and Jarek have chosen this place for the scenery of their pictures. They would have great pictures anywhere, beautiful people always look goooood. Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure. I was soo happy after the session, here are the first pics. The rest'll be coming following week. Tell me what you think of them!
Happy Thursday!

1 comment:

  1. fajniutkie!! Bardzo podoba mi się ujęcie na pierwszej fotografii...super są również kolorki. Widzę, że Kasia lubi duży kontrast :D Czekam na pozostałe