15 October 2009


To keep them even more busy, two crazy moms came out with an idea of having weekly challenge in photograhing ;-).
One of them you can meet and for sure adore her work here: Martencja Photography. The other one's blog you are reading right now ;)
This week it was Marta's turn to come out with the idea. We are going to talk about our photos, what shall we improve and what do we like about them.
That was a challenge to my imagination.
I tried to think sth out but nothing... and one day it just came to me during one of the afternoon walks:

11 October 2009

M & W session

I have finally finished Magda and Wlodek session.
Take a look and leave me a note :)
Enjoy your Sunday!~

04 October 2009

Magda and Wlodek session - sneak peak

Little cool, Sunday late morning. Walking in Grays Park, waiting for Magda and Wlodek to arrive. We're starting with some portrait shoots, talking, talking, talking :) Very nice people, friendly and lovely personalities! Not to mention, they look perfect with each other, aren't they gorgeous? Take a sneak peak, rest'll be coming following week. Let me know what you think! Happy Sunday!