07 December 2009

Session: Anett

I've met her on my very first day in highschool. Uhh I was so NO and NOT to everything then. I've met my class and I realized I have nothing (I mean nothing) in common with those strange (read: normal) looking people. And then came Anett. I saw her and I knew right away. We looked at each other, our eyes were saying: hey, you're like me, we need to keep close to each other to survive in here. And so we did. For four years. And we actually do until now. We do look normal though now hehe.  So we became friends. This is a good kind of friendship, when someone knows you very well, when someone shared with you tough moments of your life and you were there when needed as well. I do appreciate all of this today and then I did too. This is how I met Anett.
She is a great person, I am waiting for the moment, when I will see her wings spread out, I am sure, sure, sure, this moment will come soon. I wish you all the best, my friend :)
Unfortunatelly we can not meet as often as we wish, couse we live in two different countries. But when there is any occasion - we try to find some time to have coffee or drink together.
Two weeks ago while I was visiting my parents, we not only had coffee together (and we talked and talked and talked...) but also we had lots of fun shooting pictures.
Here I am showing some of them. Waiting for your comments :)

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