28 January 2010


I am so excited to announce that my new website/blog (all in one) is debiuting TODAY!!
You can now visit Katherine Photography Blog, as I'll be posting from there. Be sure to stay updated!


24 January 2010


Took me a while, but I guess I might be coverd, couse of the journey home, getting back to everyday life.
The slideshow is now ready! Yupiii!!! I love the photos, and I can even imagine how amazing photos we would have if it was summer!
With J&R we had planned 2 days of shooting. First day - studio shooting. Next day, Saturday morning - lakeside, but it was just freezing, we managed to take only few shoots, the wind was wery unpleasant. Later on we moved a little bit from the lakes so it wasn't that bad. A little stop for a hot coffee and sweets to upgrade the level of sugar in the blood ;). My best part: shooting at the hotel. The light was very poor but the scenery was lovely.
The couple, Jadwiga and Roland, were fabulous. They have planned their wedding to happen during the summer. The ceremony is going to be held at an amazing restaurant, surrounded by a scenery of nature.
J & R - both - beautiful, great personaities, you can just imagine someone with a sense of humore, attractive, having lots of intrests, passion which are developed with success - that is all about them. J. is an owner of the fashion line, which is designed by her, sewed by her and her workers, and is selling incredibly well. The black dress she is wearing at the session - is one of her designs. Just adore it.
Here you will find a slideshow .
Thank you friends for those two days, it was great, great, great!!! :)

Happy Sunday! :)

16 January 2010


I have had such a wonderful time with J&R. There are truely amazing people, it was a pleasure for me to take for them their egagement pictures.
This is just a sneak peek and lots more pics to come next week.

15 January 2010


I've almost finished editing Karina's session. Busy weekend in front of me, there will be no time for editing, so I've decided to show the pictures today.
So here it is:
Karina's session

13 January 2010


Hi all!
I've introuced you once my sister-in-law - Karina. She is a scrap designer and a photographer as well. Here you can find the post before. Today, we have had a great session, acctually it's first part, as we are planning some more  :) Karina is not only beautiful but she's also got amazing peronality. She's got many passions, and she is good at everything what's she does.
The rest to come very soon ;)

10 January 2010


I am so amazed. There is soo much snow everywhere, but everything is open, schools, offices etc. Well, I am not in England. I'll spend few days in the heart of true winter.
I am enjoying it a lot, Agata, my daughter is a little scared of the amount of snow, but she will get use to and will be able to have fun before we will be back to UK.

Here, some images of todays. Warm feeling.